Commanding Officers
The East Surrey Regiment

Lt Col C C G Ashton, OBE

Lt Col P B Stafford, OBE

Brigadier-General F S Montague-Bates, CB CMG DSO

Colonel M J A Jourdier, DSO

Brigadier H St G Schomberg, CBE DSO

Brigadier G R P Roupell, VC CB DL

Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Dowler, KCB KBE

Brigadier R A Boxshall

Major-General ACT Evanson, CB MC

Lt Col I R Lovell

Lt Col C R M D O'C Fitz-Simon, MC

Lt Col W B S J A E Wilberforce, DSO

Colonel H B L Smith, MC

Brigadier H M A Hunter, CVO DSO MBE

Colonel FA H Magee

Major General J F Metcalfe, CB CBE

Lt Col J R Armstrong-MacDonnell, MC

Lt Col C O'N Wallis, MC

Major-General G A White, MBE.

Lt Col R H Baldwin, DSO*

Colonel R A H Orpen-Palmer, DSO

Lt Col J S FitzGerald

Lt Col M J Minogue, DSO MC

Lt Col R S S Paton

Lt Col E L L Acton, MC

Lt Col G E Swinton, MC

Brigadier C E Morrison, DSO MC

Lt Col P H Drake-Brockman

Lt Col K T Roper

Lt Col H N C Wyburd, TD

Lt Col T W G Stansfeld, DSO.

Brigadier C F Cox, OBE O St J

Colonel T A Buchanan, DSO OBE MC ERD TD

Colonel H G Duncombe, DSO

Colonel Sir William A Gillett, TD

Colonel G B Chetwynd-Stapylton, CB OBE TD DL

Colonel W H Hatchard-Smith, TD

Colonel B D Ogden, MC* TD

Lt Col J A Imison, MC* TD BA (Oxon)

Colonel P Hallett, TD

Lt Col A P B Irwin, DSO

Colonel T MacD Baker, CBE TD DL

Colonel J B Andras, TD

Lt Col M G Hicks, TD DL

Lt Col F O Voisin

Brigadier C D Armstrong, CBE DSO MC

Lt Col H A B Bruno, MBE

Lt Col R O V Thompson, DSO

Colonel C G S McAlester, OBE MC

Lt Col A G H Culverhouse, MBE

Lt Col H S Burgess, TD

Colonel D G Adams, DSO OBE TD

Brigadier N B Brading, CMG CBE

Lt Col W M Knatchbull

Colonel DC Campbell-Miles, MBE

Lt Col PH Macklin, OBE

Lt Col DC Coates

Lt Col J G M B Gough

Lt Col R W M Wetherell, OBE

Colonel D G Dickson, OBE MC* TD

Colonel H H Walker, TD

Lt Col G L A Squire, MC TD

Lieutenant Colonel J F Sherrard, TD

Lt Col H S J Streatfeild, DSO

Lt Col G C Phillips.

Lt Col J N de la Perrelle, DSO MC

Lt Col C C O Whiteley, OBE TD

Lt Col W H C le Hardy, MC

Lt Col R S Perkins

LT Col B A Hannaford

Lt Col W H A Robinson, TD

Lt Col D J AIlfree

Lt Col K L S Lawton

Lt Col C V W Court, MC*

Colonel H J S Brooks OBE

Lt Col E H J Nicholls, DSO MC

Lt Col G R Howe

Lt Col C W Kennedy, DSO OBE MC

Lt Col A T Le M Utterson, DSO

Lt Col W G Horbon, MC

Lt Col T A Martin, MBE

Lieutenant Colonel M A Lowry MBE MC

Colonel E G Woodman, MC

Colonel J W Sewell

Colonel J W P Llewellyn, OBE

Colonel DB Pullen, OBE TD

Brigadier M J A Clarke, MBE

Colonel WE McConnell, TD




Commanding Officers


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