First World War Maps


Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment Maps


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Western Theatre of War

Western Theatre of War

The Retreat From Mons

Aisne Battlefield
Aisne Battlefield

North West Europe (Sheet 1)
North West Europe (Sheet 1)


North Weat Europe (Sheet 4)


Somme Battlefield


Italian Theatre

Map of the Gallipoli Peninsula




East Surrey Regiment Maps - Volume 2

General Map of Northern France

General Map of The Ypres Salient

The 1st Battalion in The Battle Of Mons, 1914

The 1st Battalion at The Passage of The Marne, 9th September, 1914

The 1st Battalion in The Defence of Hill 60, 19th to 21st April, 1915

The 2nd and 8th Battalions in The Battles of Ypres, 1915, 1917

The Defence of The Hohenzollern Redoubt by The 2nd Battalion September 27th to October 1st 1915

The 7th Battalion at Gun Trench

The 7th Battalion at The Hohenzollern Redoubt, March, 1916

The 9th Battalion in The Attack by The 72nd Brigade Near Hulluch, 26th September, 1915

The 7th Battalion in The Battles of Albert 1916, and Pozieres Ridge

The 12th Battalion in The Battle of Flers-Courcelette September 1916, and The 7th & 12th Battalions in The Battle of The Transloy Ridges, October, 1916

The 8th Battalion in The Battles of Thiepval Ridge and The Acre, September to November, 1916

The Attack of The 9th Battalion on Strong Point Near Guillemont, August 16th, 1916

General Map of The Somme Front

General Map of The Salonika Front

East Surrey Regiment Maps - Volume 3

The 1st Battalion At Fresnoy, 8th May, 1917

Map To Illustrate The Movements of The 1st and 12th Battalions In Italy, 1918

The 7th Battalion In The First Battle Of The Scarpe, April 9th, 1917

The 7th Battalion In The 3rd Battle Of The Scarpe and Subsequent Operations at Monchy-Le-Preux May-October

The 7th Battalion In The Battle Of Cambra! November 1917

Cherisy, Showing The Action On May 3rd, 1917

The 13th Battalion at The Capture Of Villers-Plouich 24th April 1917, and The 1st Battalion In The Battle ofthe Canal Du Nord 28th September 1918

The 13th Battalion At Bourlon, 24th To 27th November, 1917

The 1st Battalion At Arrewage, 20th May, 1918

The 8th Battalion In The Battle Of St. Quentin, March, 1918

The Actions Of The 9th Battalion In The German Offensive Of March, 1918

The 12th And 13th Battalions In The Mory Area

The 1/5th Battalion In The Operations On The Tigris And In Southern Khurdistan

The 1st Battalion In North-West Russia

The 1st Battalion In The Operation Near Lake Onega, September, 1919

General Map Of Northern France

General Map Of The Ypres Salient

General Map Of The Somme Front

General Map Of The Salonika Front

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