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The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)

The East Surrey Regiment

The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment

The Queen's Regiment

The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment
(Queen's and Royal Hampshires)

Music Associated With The Territorial Army Battalion

Bugle and Bugle Horns

Drummers - Origins and Development

Some Personalities

Record of Bandmasters & Drum Majors

With their their Musket, Fife and Drum

Drummed out - and back

The Regimental Museum - Clandon

In the following pages, the titles of all marches (and other music) are shown in green italics (eg, Nelson's March); if the title is followed by a green triangle (eg, A Southerly Wind and a Cloudy Sky

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), the music can be listened to; click the green triangle to hear the tune. You will need to stop the music (click the red pause symbol) or let the track finish before listening to a different track.